ICO Whales

Author: Ira Miller


1. Five crypto currency experts aka Whales

2. Audience chooses ICOs to review

4. Whales decide together whether to invest.

3. Whales and ICO team film pitch session

Whale Corp


  • Delaware or Nevada C-corp.
  • Produce the show
  • Manage contracts for whales, startups, employees, etc.
  • Publish written follow-up report on each investment made on the show.
  • Write quarterly updates on portfolio.
Total 100,000
Founders/board 40,000
Employees 25,000
Whales 25,000
Angel Investor 10,000

Cap Table



  • Vote on whales
  • Vote on ICOs
  • Access to investment documentation, and portfolio updates

ICO Overview

  • No max cap on supply
  • 100% of sales revenue goes to Whale Corp
  • $10 million target raise for 25 episode (|| 12 long) season 1

Next Steps

Seed Budget

  • $30,000 for WhaleCoin ICO software (token & wallet)
  • $30,000 for film production, editing, etc.
  • $25,000 reserved for ICO investment, if whales vote yes
  • $15,000 for travel budget, legal fees and misc.
  1. Raise $100,000 from sale of 10,000 Whale Corp shares
  2. Film Pilot on-location at Panama Blockchain Embassy
  3. Develop WhaleCoin contract and wallet for ICO
  4. ICO WhaleCoin
  5. Begin production of season 1 with collaboration from WhaleCoin users.
  6. Repeat steps 4 (optional) and 5 for future seasons.

ICO Whales

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