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  • The Panama eXchange (PTYeX) (ES)

  • The Panama eXchange (PTYeX)

  • Self-Sovereign Digital Identity

  • Human Smart Contracs

  • Guld Ledger

    Introduction to the guld ledger system, based on

  • guldOS Seminar 1

  • ICO Whales

  • Plato's Cave Screen

    You find yourself in an exitless cave. The only feature is this screen on the wall.

  • The Blocktree Story

    An allegory based on Plato's cave, to introduce the concept of the blocktree.

  • Consensus & Governance

    Governance for blockchains and DAOs, with explanation of guld consensus algorithm. 1. Why Governance? (history of problems) 2. Proof of Work 3. Proof of Stake 4. Proof of Labor (guld consensus)

  • Plain & Simple Smart Contracts

  • P2Pre-nup

    P2Pre-nup smart contract game for a lawtech hackathon.

  • Auto-Generated, Model Driven Apps

    Generators like Yeoman and Slush make it easy to develop complex, high quality applications. Combined with strong data models, the vast majority of your user interface can be generated automatically. Technologies demonstrated: + Yeoman + Slush + Gulp + JSON Schema + React + Reactstrap + Boostrap 4 alpha